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March 2017 Plans + Broadcast #3 News

March is a big month for us here at The Analogue Press after quite a long period of scant activity (sorry about that). On Sunday the 5th we’ll be joining the venerable Paper Jam Comics Collective to shill our wares at The Exchange, North Shields, where their monthly ‘Originals’ singer-songwriter event will be taking place – come for the comics, stay for the music (or vice versa!). It starts at 2pm and you can find out more here.

The following Saturday (11th), we head to Scotland for the Dunfermline Comic Con. They’ve secured some really cool guests this year and we’re hoping we get chance to step away from the table to throw all of our money at them.

Then, on 18th March we’re at a much more local event. Newcastle City Library will host the thankfully revived Canny Comic Con, and we feel privileged to be invited to exhibit alongside a brilliant range of guests, cannily curated by our friend Oscillating Brow (under another name of course, just to keep everyone on their toes). See you there? Free entry people!

Now, somewhere in amongst all of this we get our hands on copies of the brand new Radio On Broadcast #3, hopefully in good time for the Dunfermline event. Further details soon, but the stories this time around are courtesy of Kathryn Briggs, Alfie Gallagher, Riyadh Rateme, Ed Syder and the returning Lydia Wysocki. I’ve already gone too heavy on the links, but definitely Google the lot of ‘em. Here’s the full wraparound cover, illustrated by SkinnyNib, in all its glory (well, greater glory can be achieved by clicking on it of course):


Good eh?

The issue will be available to order from our online shop very soon (#1 and #2 also still available!), as well as from our regular stockists.

Keep an eye out on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages for some preview pages etc.









Broadcast #2 is out!

Hello again. Well, Broadcast #2 is finally upon us, just a little over a year after the first issue. This time around the comic is so jam packed with story content we didn’t even have space for a foreword(!). There are a few things I wanted to cover though and I thought I’d jump on here to say a few words to anyone willing to read them.

First of all, a heartfelt apology and thank you to Alan J Stuart. This gentleman was kind enough to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign that allowed us to get the Radio On ball rolling, and we were remiss enough to exclude his name from the list of thank yous in Broadcast #1. Thanks Alan, and sorry there wasn’t a suitable spot to thank you in print this time around.

The comics are going into various shops, and I’ll be updating the stockists area of the site as and when new shops are added. You can of course also order online from our store, where at the moment we’re offering flat rate shipping (buy both issues and pay postage only once – £1 UK, £5 everywhere else).

As soon as we’d launched the first issue, Sam Zuppardi was hard at work on his story for the second (preview image in the previous post). He’s joined this time around by other equally talented individuals who are all making their Radio On debut. The contributors are from all around the UK, with the exception of Jennifer who hails from the States and is currently based in South Korea.

So, six stories, all inspired by music in one way or another. Some weird, all wonderful.

You’ll be meeting this chap: rock devil

Beyoncé puts in an appearance:


Music is heard:

Love is a Mixtape 2-page-001

and music is played:

The Woodpecker's Song_pg2

We really think you’ll like it – please tell us if you do, or even if you don’t!

The comics arrived from the printers just in the nick of time for me to take some to the Lakes International Comic Art Festival (LICAF) in Kendal last weekend, where Kieron Gillen was kind enough to say some very nice things about Broadcast #1 and help spread the word. We’ll be hitting the road again in November to visit the brilliant Thought Bubble in Leeds, where we’ll also have some of contributor Emily’s stuff for sale. We’re in the TB Marquee sharing a table with Freaktown Comics if you want to come and say hi and/or pick up a free badge.

We’ve recently made playlists based on the record recommendations given by our contributors to Broadcast #1 and #2 (and in the case of the second one there’s also just a few things I wanted on there; editor’s privilege!). Please do give them a listen and if you like them let me know, although I’ll no doubt keep doing them either way.

A launch party is in the works, but we haven’t quite locked down a date as yet – it may end up slipping to early next year (when I suppose it can’t technically be considered a ‘launch’!). News on that very soon. Also look out for further posts featuring interviews with some of our creators and other ‘process’ type info, for anyone into that kind of thing (who isn’t?!)

One last thing – you’ll notice if you trawl through the bios that three of our contributors so far have associations with the brilliant Newcastle-based Paper Jam Comics Collective. I recommend you seek out all of their anthologies as they’re wonderful and varied, and for anyone in the North East interested in making comics themselves, you should get yourself along to one of their monthly meetings. They’ll have you making comics immediately!

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram (not much on there yet but we just joined!) and Facebook for all the latest pratfalls and shenanigans.

See you on’t flip side.



Darryl Ibbetson

Cover artist Darryl is a freelance designer & illustrator based in and around the North East, generally flying under the radar.

After a spate of design based projects, Broadcast #2 of Radio On was a great opportunity to jump back into the inky and/or vector ridden depths of illustration. So, here’s hoping for more!

The idea for the cover illustration was based on Black Sabbath’s “The Wizard”.

Jennifer pic

Jennifer Prevatt

Jennifer Prevatt is a visual artist who works in animation, sound, installation, and illustration. She has a background in Multimedia Art, Scientific Illustration, and Fine Art. She began her career as an artist in NYC and has exhibited her work internationally including Spain, Bulgaria, Brazil, Korea, and the UK.

Jennifer’s Broadcast #2 story, ‘The Devil’s Snare’, is an excerpt from her current project The House I Died In.

Adam pic crop

Adam Fallows

Adam is a sometime artist, occasional writer and erstwhile romantic. Based in Newcastle, his work often deals with recurring themes such as the beauty of the everyday, questioning society and the poignancy found in the underwhelming rather than the monumental.

He has been drawing since he was old enough to hold a pencil, but has only recently returned to drawing comic books, contributing to the Paper Jam Comics Collective and sporadically updating his website. He is currently working on a children’s book and a collection of illustrated poetry.

Emily pic

Emily Rose Lambert

Emily is a full time greetings card designer based in Newcastle. Along with weaving, needle felting and occasional blogging, she mostly spends her free time making comics, which often feature elements of folklore, mythology, nature and pattern.

Some of Emily’s comics have recently been featured in a few anthologies, including: the 2015 Thought Bubble Comic Anthology, Newcastle Science Comic Spineless, Dirty Rotten Comics #4 and Lamplight Press Journeys, and she hopes to also start selling her own self published comics and zines at comic festivals. Keep up with Emily’s work here.

Sammy pic

Sammy Borras

Sammy loves making comics and music zines. She is currently working on Giant Rhinos in Space, an ongoing graphic novel series about an indie rock band who find themselves competing against aliens in an extraterrestrial X Factor. Sammy also recently launched Misc Fits, slice of life short stories about misfit college friends. Both series are available in print or online. Read more on Sammy’s website.


Oscillating Brow pic

Oscillating Brow

Oscillating Brow! Unstoppable force of mediocrity in the arts! Comics-wise, he mostly draws daft little comics like his Tales of Extraordinariness series, but occasionally someone will be fool enough to let him draw something for an anthology. He’s an original member of Newcastle’s long-running Paper Jam Comics Collective and has contributed to all their anthologies. His story here is entirely based on true events. Should you wish, you can find out (a little bit) more about his work by having a look at his website.

Radio On – Broadcast #2 News / Sunderland Comic Con

Sunderland Comic Con

First things first, The Analogue Press will be in attendance at the inaugural Sunderland Comic Con on 21st and 22nd February (soon!).


We’ll be selling copies of Broadcast #1 and throwing in badges and plectrums while stocks last. We also have a few Joel Benjamin prints to sell, left over from last year’s Kickstarter campaign. We’re sharing space with Broadcast #1 contributor Lydia Wysocki, whose half of the table will no doubt be much less sparse. I have it on good authority she’ll have a brand new comic for sale, amongst various other exciting things. Come by and say hi.

Tickets available here

And now, to the meat…

Broadcast #2 News

We hope to have an exact release date for you soon, and expect to at least reveal the cover of our second issue later this month. Suffice to say, we’re close to having the issue together so you should be able to get your hot little hands on a copy in early spring 2015, from our online shop or from various stockists/conventions around the UK.

The issue will contain exclusive stories from returning creator Sam Zuppardi, as well as Radio On debuts from Sammy Borras, Adam Fallows and more TBA.

In the meantime, for whistle wetting purposes, below is a sneaky preview of Sam Zuppardi’s new story, ‘Professor Valdemar’s Final Experiment’.

Valdemar 1-page-001

More news when we have it…


Rob (Co-Editor – The Analogue Press)

SCC logo

Radio On – News & Broadcast #1 Launch Party Photos

Well, after a successful Kickstarter campaign we’re very pleased to hold in our hands copies of Radio On Broadcast #1. It arrived just in the nick of time (we weren’t worried, honest!) for the launch party we had planned for Saturday 13th September, at Ernest in Newcastle.

Everyone seems to really like the printed version so we couldn’t be more happy. It did turn out even better than expected, and we’d like to extend our gratitude once again to everyone who has been directly involved with or otherwise supported the project.

We’ve just created a shop on the site, and copies of the comic are now available to purchase. We’re in the process of sending out Kickstarter rewards and approaching stockists around the country, and further afield. Hopefully there’ll be copies all over the place before too long!

Of course we’re starting to gather together contributors for Broadcast #2 as well, which is tentatively scheduled for February 2015. More news on that soon, but I am pleased to announce right now the return of Sam Zuppardi. We’ve not seen the concept for his new story yet, but he tells us it’s very exciting!

We’ll no doubt have a bit of a do for the second issue as well. Here’s a few pics from the first one in the meantime:

ArrivalRadioOn_Launch-4RadioOn_Launch-12RadioOn_Launch-16RadioOn_Launch-5RadioOn_Launch-10RadioOn_Launch-14RadioOn_Launch-15Until next time…