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Darryl Ibbetson

Cover artist Darryl is a freelance designer & illustrator based in and around the North East, generally flying under the radar.

After a spate of design based projects, Broadcast #2 of Radio On was a great opportunity to jump back into the inky and/or vector ridden depths of illustration. So, here’s hoping for more!

The idea for the cover illustration was based on Black Sabbath’s “The Wizard”.

Jennifer pic

Jennifer Prevatt

Jennifer Prevatt is a visual artist who works in animation, sound, installation, and illustration. She has a background in Multimedia Art, Scientific Illustration, and Fine Art. She began her career as an artist in NYC and has exhibited her work internationally including Spain, Bulgaria, Brazil, Korea, and the UK.

Jennifer’s Broadcast #2 story, ‘The Devil’s Snare’, is an excerpt from her current project The House I Died In.

Adam pic crop

Adam Fallows

Adam is a sometime artist, occasional writer and erstwhile romantic. Based in Newcastle, his work often deals with recurring themes such as the beauty of the everyday, questioning society and the poignancy found in the underwhelming rather than the monumental.

He has been drawing since he was old enough to hold a pencil, but has only recently returned to drawing comic books, contributing to the Paper Jam Comics Collective and sporadically updating his website. He is currently working on a children’s book and a collection of illustrated poetry.

Emily pic

Emily Rose Lambert

Emily is a full time greetings card designer based in Newcastle. Along with weaving, needle felting and occasional blogging, she mostly spends her free time making comics, which often feature elements of folklore, mythology, nature and pattern.

Some of Emily’s comics have recently been featured in a few anthologies, including: the 2015 Thought Bubble Comic Anthology, Newcastle Science Comic Spineless, Dirty Rotten Comics #4 and Lamplight Press Journeys, and she hopes to also start selling her own self published comics and zines at comic festivals. Keep up with Emily’s work here.

Sammy pic

Sammy Borras

Sammy loves making comics and music zines. She is currently working on Giant Rhinos in Space, an ongoing graphic novel series about an indie rock band who find themselves competing against aliens in an extraterrestrial X Factor. Sammy also recently launched Misc Fits, slice of life short stories about misfit college friends. Both series are available in print or online. Read more on Sammy’s website.


Oscillating Brow pic

Oscillating Brow

Oscillating Brow! Unstoppable force of mediocrity in the arts! Comics-wise, he mostly draws daft little comics like his Tales of Extraordinariness series, but occasionally someone will be fool enough to let him draw something for an anthology. He’s an original member of Newcastle’s long-running Paper Jam Comics Collective and has contributed to all their anthologies. His story here is entirely based on true events. Should you wish, you can find out (a little bit) more about his work by having a look at his website.

Sam Zuppardi

Sam Zuppardi

Sam makes picture books. He is the illustrator of Nobody’s Perfect by
David Elliott, The Misadventures of Edgar & Allan Poe series by Gordon McAlpine and The Nowhere Box, which he also wrote. His next book, Jack’s Worry, is published by Candlewick/Walker, and will be out in the UK and US in spring 2016. Take a look at his website for further info.

Sam’s most recent Radio On story was inspired by a liking for music and mad inventions, which he has never had the chance to combine in real life, although he did once make a robot out of a saucepan and a cassette player.