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James Nash

James Nash is a British comics artist and illustrator currently residing in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Follow James on Twitter, and follow his ongoing diary comics project and editorial work at, and look out for two new comics to be released in 2014.


Lydia Wysocki

Lydia Wysocki has a very questionable music collection. She’d like to say she spent three years behind the counter of a record shop, but it was high street retail so there were records and CDs and DVDs and videos and games consoles and Related Products, oh my. She has a lovely collection of Californian record shop t-shirts and gets a bit emotional in Chinese pirate CD shops.

Lydia enjoys making awesome comics, particularly comics that help people learn and understand stuff. She was editor-in-chief of Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic and is currently working out what ridiculously ambitious collaborative project to take on next. Her own comics include Celebrity Homes: A book of words and pictures of awesome houses and the legendary people who lived in them (available here), which led to a chatty exchange of emails with Lenny Bruce’s daughter; Coffee/Tea, which is a book about the fallacy of binary dichotomies but many people seem to think it’s a cute book about tea and coffee; and Where can I hide? A colouring book for boys and girls who want to be alone for a while, which is indeed a colouring book but is not for young children.

Lydia currently lives in North Shields. She is working on a travel comic about having gone back to California after 11 years, and a contribution to the Paper Jam Comics Collective anthology Newcastle Stories…and that. Follow Lydia on Twitter and take a look at her blogs:


Laura Brannagan

Laura is a London-based freelance graphic designer and artist. Made entirely using ‘Gimp’, the Radio On story Headphones is her first foray into the medium of comics, but hopefully not her last.


In her spare time Laura likes to fantasize about flying, ride her bicycle and drool over anything written in Futura font. She also spends a lot of her spare time reminiscing about her borrowed past as a 1940s news reporter.


Under no circumstances would the perusal of pictures of dogs on the Internet fail to cheer her.


Laura’s website is