Lydia Wysocki

Lydia Wysocki has a very questionable music collection. She’d like to say she spent three years behind the counter of a record shop, but it was high street retail so there were records and CDs and DVDs and videos and games consoles and Related Products, oh my. She has a lovely collection of Californian record shop t-shirts and gets a bit emotional in Chinese pirate CD shops.

Lydia enjoys making awesome comics, particularly comics that help people learn and understand stuff. She was editor-in-chief of Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic and is currently working out what ridiculously ambitious collaborative project to take on next. Her own comics include Celebrity Homes: A book of words and pictures of awesome houses and the legendary people who lived in them (available here), which led to a chatty exchange of emails with Lenny Bruce’s daughter; Coffee/Tea, which is a book about the fallacy of binary dichotomies but many people seem to think it’s a cute book about tea and coffee; and Where can I hide? A colouring book for boys and girls who want to be alone for a while, which is indeed a colouring book but is not for young children.

Lydia currently lives in North Shields. She is working on a travel comic about having gone back to California after 11 years, and a contribution to the Paper Jam Comics Collective anthology Newcastle Stories…and that. Follow Lydia on Twitter and take a look at her blogs: